Creating a Budget for Your Small Business

Most people assume the hardest part of starting a new company is getting it off the ground. They figure the most stress comes from raising capital and appealing to customers before you have any sort of track record or name recognition.

ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Question Marks

I’m going to spend a little less time advising and more time explaining in this post. I’m sure I won’t hide my opinions very well (mutual funds are bad and dangerous!), but I’d prefer you understand the two investment strategies instead of just knowing my stances on the issues.

Things You Can Learn From a Powerball Winner

If you want examples of why it’s risky to play fast and loose with your money, look no further than some recent lottery winners.

4 Things To Know Before Starting a Business

If you’re going to start your own business, you have to do a ton of prep work. You need to create a strong business plan, figure out expenses and lending rates, conceptualize the type of brand you want to build, and all of this should be done before you try to sell a single thing. And, even with all that preparation, you’ll continue learning and altering your strategy every single day.

Negotiating the Nest

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. In fact, it just might be the biggest decision; with marital commitment comes dozens of other massive decisions, such as kids, cars and living arrangements. The wedding is just the first step in a serious of negotiated endeavors, and it’s a bit naive to think all of these future matters will be decided quickly and conclusively.

5 Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

If time management presents a challenge, I don’t think that’s a chronic issue. With experience comes efficiency, and there are plenty of tricks for getting more out of your waking hours.

How To Invest Based on Your Age

Sometimes investing feels like an easy concept. Put money into stocks, private equity, valued commodities, then let those market-driven venues put your capital to work.

Buying Your First House? Drop Everything and Read This

Whether you have lots of money or not very much, you’re buying a palace in your hometown or a condo in a new city, or you just decided you hate paying rent and you’re ready to own, you need to know some key facts. Buying a house involves a lot of moving parts, and each and every misstep can cost you lots of time and money. Worse yet, you could buy a house you don’t love and end up selling it at a loss, leaving you with less wealth and no home.

10 Best Vacation Destinations for 2019

2019 will arrive before you know it, and then it will be time to pack your bags and enjoy a vacation that makes all your hard work worth the effort. Instead of daydreaming about a nice day on the beach, let’s skip right to the planning stage and look at 10 spots to put on your destination wishlist.

The Best Ways To Learn About Money

Is it just me, or are podcasts the biggest thing since sliced bread? I’m definitely a fan, but I’m a little surprised at how they’ve exploded in the last couple of years. People talk about what podcasts they listen to as much as the discuss movies and TV shows, so clearly this type of media is here to stay.

4 Things To Know Before Starting a Business

When I first decided I needed to really understand money if I was ever going to become wealthy, I turned to a lot of reading materials. I inhaled books and articles, trying to build a brain inside my head that could compete with the other great financial minds. At the end of the day, it was worth the effort; I built a strong foundation of knowledge that helped with all the future decision I would make.

To 401(k) or Not To 401(k)?

Before you form any opinions about this article, let me quickly state that I am 100% in favor of saving for retirement. I’m passionate about people growing their wealth and squeezing every bit of joy out of life, and having money set aside for after you’ve exited the workforce is a big part of that. By whatever means possible, you should be trying to maximize your retirement savings.

Cash-Conscious Kids: Teaching Your Children To Respect Money

When do you need to start teaching your kids about money? When is it too early to teach about debt? When is it too late to go over the basics of investing?

Breaking the Spending Cycle to Build Wealth

Many people will instantly associate the world “wealth” or “wealthy” with money. However, true wealth is not about money. It is about freedom. Some people think if they were to stumble across a large sum of money, it would completely change their circumstances. If I could just win the lotto, I could quit my job, still pay the bills, and have a financially secure future.

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